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3 Reasons to use a Niche in your new shower

Shelf vs. Niche  Does it really matter?

Why should you have a recessed niche instead of a shelf?

3 Reasons to use a Niche

#1 Customizable Sizing

You can make the niche almost any size and shape. Fitting even the largest shampoo bottle or incorporating a shelf for a bar of soap allows the niche to fit your needs. A large niche along the back wall of the shower gives all users plenty of space for all their bath accessories and adds a unique design to your shower.

#2 Easy of installation. Incorporating a niche in the stud cavity during wall construction allows for proper waterproofing of the niche. This is quick and easy with a prefab. niche. They come in sizes that fit between your standard stud spacing not blocking or bracing or extra 2×4 construction needed. You can pick a size that works for you or do multiple niches in more than one wall.

#3 Tile materials are easily customizable to your niche and your tile design in the shower. Mosaics used in the back of the niche, edged with a bullnose tile or trim piece can complete the walls tiles smooth transition through the niche along the wall.

VS. Glass or Marble shelf
Reasons to use a glass or marble shelf

#1 Glass can add elegance and class to your shower. You can customize the size depending on where you are using the glass shelf. Most often they are installed in the corners of the shower walls. Making them small and sometimes not very universal in what they will hold.

#2. Soft stone can be cut and polished to your needed size. If you are using marble in your shower you can match to your shower and they become almost invisible. Marble will need to be sealed before installation and at least once a year. You can often find remnants for free or cheap rather than purchasing new materials.

In conclusion we use preformed niches most of the time in our shower construction. It allows for fast, inexpensive installation and construction of a niche. Your tile design is uninterrupted and they do not crowd a small shower space. You don’t have to worry about maintenance or extra cleaning.