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Professional VS. DIY

Why choose a professional?

Here are a few high notes associated with hiring a professional.

  1. They know what they are doing and can get the job done.
  2. Will work while you are at work, not weekends and nights.
  3. They often offer their own warranty on top of a manufactures warranty.
  4. They can provide the proper materials for your project with little shopping for you to do.
  5. Professionals should be knowledgeable in industry standards and techniques and be an expert.  


  1. You can often save money on materials and do the labor yourself.
  2. You can take your time working nights and weekends.  
  3. No one you don’t know is in your home.
  4. You can do your own research for the proper materials and warranty.
  5. You will be responsible for fixing any issues or redoing mistakes made in your installation.

You can do your own reaserch on industry standards a www.tile-assn.com and find a qualified installer.