Professional VS. DIY

Why choose a professional?

Here are a few high notes associated with hiring a professional.

  1. They know what they are doing and can get the job done.
  2. Will work while you are at work, not weekends and nights.
  3. They often offer their own warranty on top of a manufactures warranty.
  4. They can provide the proper materials for your project with little shopping for you to do.
  5. Professionals should be knowledgeable in industry standards and techniques and be an expert.  


  1. You can often save money on materials and do the labor yourself.
  2. You can take your time working nights and weekends.  
  3. No one you don’t know is in your home.
  4. You can do your own research for the proper materials and warranty.
  5. You will be responsible for fixing any issues or redoing mistakes made in your installation.

You can do your own reaserch on industry standards a www.tile-assn.com and find a qualified installer.  


3 Reasons to use a Niche in your new shower

Shelf vs. Niche  Does it really matter?

Why should you have a recessed niche instead of a shelf?

3 Reasons to use a Niche

#1 Customizable Sizing

You can make the niche almost any size and shape. Fitting even the largest shampoo bottle or incorporating a shelf for a bar of soap allows the niche to fit your needs. A large niche along the back wall of the shower gives all users plenty of space for all their bath accessories and adds a unique design to your shower.

#2 Easy of installation. Incorporating a niche in the stud cavity during wall construction allows for proper waterproofing of the niche. This is quick and easy with a prefab. niche. They come in sizes that fit between your standard stud spacing not blocking or bracing or extra 2×4 construction needed. You can pick a size that works for you or do multiple niches in more than one wall.

#3 Tile materials are easily customizable to your niche and your tile design in the shower. Mosaics used in the back of the niche, edged with a bullnose tile or trim piece can complete the walls tiles smooth transition through the niche along the wall.

VS. Glass or Marble shelf
Reasons to use a glass or marble shelf

#1 Glass can add elegance and class to your shower. You can customize the size depending on where you are using the glass shelf. Most often they are installed in the corners of the shower walls. Making them small and sometimes not very universal in what they will hold.

#2. Soft stone can be cut and polished to your needed size. If you are using marble in your shower you can match to your shower and they become almost invisible. Marble will need to be sealed before installation and at least once a year. You can often find remnants for free or cheap rather than purchasing new materials.

In conclusion we use preformed niches most of the time in our shower construction. It allows for fast, inexpensive installation and construction of a niche. Your tile design is uninterrupted and they do not crowd a small shower space. You don’t have to worry about maintenance or extra cleaning.

3 Elements of successful back splash project.

Whether you have a large budget or small one you can have a very elegant and breathtaking back splash.  Here are a few elements to consider when designing your back splash.  

1. Selecting your tile.  Subway tile is an excellent choice whether it is the standard 3×6 or an unusual size, like 4×16.  It comes in many colors and patterns.  Traditional 3×6 subway tile is timeless and adds some luxury to your kitchen.  Adding an accent with glass or stone can add a touch of personality to your back splash.  Introducing your personal style to the kitchen.  

2. Choosing your bullnose edging to finish off your tile can be as important as your tile choice.  We suggest a metal bullnose trim.  It is economical and pleasing to the eyes.  Bullnose trim comes in many different colors.  It is simple to install with your tile.  But, your traditional bullnose tile can also be a great choice.  It is often more expensive and not all tiles have accompanying bullnose pieces.  There can be limitations can be finding matching accent bullnose pieces.  

3. Grout selection can incorporate design elements from your kitchen with style and utility.  The proper grout product can add longevity to your install and easy cleaning.  Grout with a sealant incorporated in it keeps your back splash looking fresh and clean.  

Every element of your back splash can add elegance and your own personal style to your kitchen and very element can be within any ones budget.  


Busting the DIY Myth!

DIY shows and the “do it yourself” stores make it look and sound easy.

If you wouldn’t try to do plumbing or electrical work in your home then maybe you shouldn’t do tile, either. Roofing is a skilled trade. Plumbing, electrical, framing, they all have training programs, certifications, etc. Well, so does the tile industry. But, everyone thinks they can do it themselves.

Being a tile setter is a learned trade and at Legacy Bath and Tile we have spent 11 years learning, training and working at perfecting our trade. Knowledge is the key!

Here are 3 Keys to picking the best quality contractor or tile installer if you don’t have the knowledge or training to do it yourself (and do it right).

1. Ask to see references and or certifications. Previous customers can say a lot about someone.  Check out their google reviews or reviews on their Facebook page. Ask about their tile certifications. If they can’t tell you right off, consider that maybe they don’t have a certification.
If you have questions, ASK. They should be very open about techniques and products used and what types of  warranties they offer.

2. Know the products. It’s your money and your home. You need to know what you are getting. You should know the products your contractor plans to use for your project. You can always do your own research on products they mention or on products that should be used.

3. Understand the warranties/guaranties. Do your own research; industry recommended products may vary by project type. Appropriate products for your situation and what warranties are offered with those products are things to be aware of and understand. 

So, while DIY projects may be within the scope of your knowledge base, if you have never had experience or training in tile setting, these tips will help you hire a contractor who you can trust to have the experience, honesty, and integrity to get the job done right.